I apologize.

I’m morphing. I intended to write a day by day account of our journey through stroke recovery. That was probably a very ambitious goal.

The truth is, we all do the best we can at every moment. Right? I mean no one really says “Yeah, I could hit this out of the park, but I’m just gonna bunt right here.” No one intentionally underperforms.

Initially, as I fell behind a day or two, I didn’t even panic. “I accept what is.” However, as I got further and further behind most recently, I had to totally reconsider the whole goal, as there is likely no way I can catch up at this point.

As I was processing what this moment was presenting me, it suddenly occurred to me. The title of the draft I had last worked on was “Progress Is Not Linear”.

It isn’t neat and orderly either.

Progress happens all at once one step at a time.

While Chris continues to progress, gaining lost ground inch by inch, measurable month by month, we have many other things happening in unison. Life is a great thing! It gives us challenges and blessings all at once so that we can dig deep into our Souls for strength and grace. So that we can truly rise above each challenge and see that it isn’t a give and take but a continuous give.

Every challenge and blessing is given for our highest good. Everything is for our highest good. Are you hearing this in your heart? There is nothing that is not in your life that isn’t there to lift you into the highest version of yourself.

Our lives since the stroke, look very similar to what they were before the 19th of January of this year. In many ways, however they look very different. We have both been forced out of the complacent routine we had created. We are expanding in different ways. We are digging deeper, going wider and flying higher than ever before.

Expect miracles out of us.

But don’t expect daily posts from me about it, because when you are in the midst of miracles you don’t always have the notion to document it!

But DO expect that I will be writing fairly regularly to share our where our journey is taking us and how we handle the off roading on our new tires!



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