February 22, 2017 Wednesday

I made tacos tonight for dinner. First time since the stroke. Up until now, they’ve been kind of a staple in our house. If Chris tells you this story, he will tell you that I tried to kill him by way of taco.

It turns out the many little bits that make this delicious treat are difficult for someone with a stroke to manage and swallow. He was choking and gagging with every bite. It was painful and terrifying to witness.

A quick remedy was to make it into a taco salad and he was able to eat without issue.

Killer tacos. Never to cross our threshold again.

In our lives laughter is indeed the medicine we take in the highest doses. It takes the edge off. It lightens our perspective so that we can rise above it.

For those familiar with me, this will sound very familiar: “What happens to you does not matter; what matters is who you become through those experiences.” As far as I’m concerned this is the secret to a happy life. You can become bitter or you can become better.

EVERYONE has a reason to become bitter, not everyone has the wisdom to become better.



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