February 19, 2017 Sacred Sunday

One month.

Without meaning for it to be a celebration we went out to brunch today. It was long over due as we planned to go to our favorite brunch place the week he had his stroke to celebrate our combined birthdays. But the fact that it landed on the month-iversary of the stroke struck me poetic.

It is cause to celebrate.

Much like members of AA celebrate each day of sobriety, we too celebrate each day post-stroke. So celebrating one month does not seem that off.

Sitting in our favorite brunch spot, eating our favorite foods resembled our old life and yet it had a new luminescence to it. A promise of things returning to balance. This favorite spot of ours is the place we got married.

It’s where our beginning began.

The beginning of our new life. The Michigan maiden voyage of the Klemos family. The beginning of my new career. The beginning of Chris building his business. The beginning of Emma’s new life, too.

Today we let ourselves marinate in the celebratory energy. We soaked in the environment, the sun of the day and the air of Spring (because today was unseasonably warm and it smelled like Spring.)

You don’t need to have a stroke (or your loved one to have one) to start anew and appreciate your life. We didn’t. We shared a great appreciation for the life we’ve had. We never took a second of it for granted. That’s one of the benefits of the over 50’s crowd. You don’t tend to take things for granted like in your youth.

So when a catastrophic event occurs it really takes that appreciation up a notch. I guess it might be a little like the appreciation for Spring after a particularly hard winter. There is always appreciation for a new season, but none such as powerful as that from Winter into Spring. At least that’s how it is for us now. Its like Spring after the stroke of Winter.

We are finding new life in all this.

This is where our beginning begins again…



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