February 17, 2017, Friday

If you are sad. Be sad. Its ok to be sad.

Give yourself 24 hours to be as sad as you need to. Journal about it. Watch sad movies. Talk about it. Give yourself 24 solid hours (like a flu) and then release it.

“Ok I’m done being sad, today I will be….” and chose a new emotion to experience.

I believe that sadness becomes depression because we tend to sweep sad under the rug hoping to ‘get over it’ not ‘get through it’. When I honor my sadness it does not try to ruin my life by becoming depression…

My emotions run rampant these days.

I’m sad. I’m happy. I’m mad. I’m grateful. I’m scared. I’m irritated. I’m relieved. I’m overwhelmed. I’m awed. I’m annoyed. I’m done.

(What??!! ‘Done’ is a legit emotion.)

Denying it, ignoring it, downplaying it, running away from it, all do only one thing…

…exacerbate it.

The ONE thing you can do to make it better is HONOR it. Whatever ‘IT’ is, honor it.

This is for anyone going through anything or nothing. Honoring yourself is the single most important healthcare intervention. Honoring your feelings allows you to hear the quiet message your soul is speaking rather than waiting until it becomes a health crisis in order to get your attention.

A few weeks ago, when Chris told me I was being mean, I didn’t dismiss his feelings. I looked at them with an open heart. Was I being mean? I know I was frustrated, scared, overwhelmed, terrified and tired. That could’ve made me ‘mean’ I suppose. What was absolutely true though, is that I was fighting those feelings. I was putting my ‘faith’ to work and putting those feelings on the back burner. I just ignored them and tried to ‘believe’ them away.

You know those beliefs don’t you?

The ones that keep you from really processing your feelings. The ones that I call ‘Scarlet Ohara beliefs’…”After all…..tomorrow is another day.”

Did you know you could do that? Use ‘faith’ as a denial tool? Yup. Its a thing. Using faith as if it raises you above the human experience. Nope. That’s not faith. Its denial. It’s one thing to let go of the worry and give the situation up to your higher power, it’s another thing entirely to bury your head in the hand and leave all the work up to that power.

Faith is knowing it will turn out for your best, but acknowledging the fear in the unknown. Acknowledging it. Not giving into it. There’s a difference. Denying it is there because you are afraid it means you don’t have faith is just as unhealthy as giving into it and becoming paralyzed. Faith is doing your work but knowing you are not alone doing it.

Understanding that this human experiment is for our benefit and moving through our emotions knowing that good is on the other side, THAT is Faith.

We grow, learn and develop through the challenging times. It causes us to reach deeper than platitudes and pull true strength from our souls.



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