February 15, 2017, Wednesday

16797092_1316333228413173_6660315721974107685_oCard Reading of the Day:

“I can’t emphasize enough that what you are reaching for is being supported! We’ve got this.”

“Divine Timing is everything. Be patient a little while longer. Like a child reaching for something it is not yet quite ready for, so to do you. You are being covered though. Protected. Supported. What you want/need and desire is yours to be had, but not yet.”

“Please do not lose faith. Do not lose hope. And most of all do not give up. Just a little bit more growing to do before you can reach what it is you want so much.”

“We promise”

OH! What a perfectly timed card today!

There are times I feel completely alone. Completely alone and responsible for our whole world. Nothing any one else can do makes it feel different. I could have a hundred friends show up on our doorstep and it won’t change. I could have several friends call all day and it wouldn’t change how I feel.
Because only I am in charge of my feelings and my experiences they are based on.
Only I can determine whether I am alone or not. I spent years in a marriage where I was not alone but was terribly lonely. At that time I also built walls around me thinking it would keep out additional pain, because the pain I was feeling was so great I didn’t think I could handle any more. (The real problem with this is that walls actually keep out the joy and magnify the pain.)
It’s times like these I try to remember what a little seedling must feel growing in the darkness, pushing its way upward (not even knowing for sure it is upward) and then breaking through the surface to the sunshine.
It must’ve felt like it was on its own, not knowing the sun and rain were there rooting for it all along.
So, this message is perfect today. I am not alone. Even when I choose to think I am. Not only do I have human friends who support me, I have Spirit friends who are rooting for me as well. It’s all part of the design. We are never alone, though we do need to ask for help. Having free will, means no spiritual being will ever step in to intercede on our behalf without our asking for help.
This relates not just to the stroke recovery, but to our lives as well; his building up his remodeling business and my building my Sacred Work practice. In general, building our life; from mundane things like paying bills, to sacred things like our spiritual evolution as human beings.
There is a quote I love…
Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.
Now its…
Before stroke, chop wood, carry water. After stroke, chop wood, carry water.
It’s all the same. All events of life are the same. They are events that we must live through, learn through and love through. It doesn’t matter how mundane or malicious or amazing. Live. Learn. Love. That’s the process.
It’s knowing you are not alone even when you feel like you are. It’s knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel even when it’s pitch black. It’s knowing that this too is for your highest good. It’s knowing that you are in control of everything and nothing all at the same time.
We never stop growing. We never reach ‘enlightenment’. We never reach our potential. We never reach that place of “I’ve done all that I could.” Energy can never die.
It is.
It is always.
It is always moving.
Life is never over. There is no ‘no tomorrow’, its just that tomorrow shapeshifts. When I reach this ——–> stage of enlightenment, there is a next stage I am already working towards. When I finish with this life, there is the next one (sorry I have nothing here to offer those who see no afterlife or reincarnation). It’s never ending because we are never ending and limitless.
Just keep moving forward. It doesn’t matter what quicksand feeling emotional quagmire you find yourself in, keep moving forward. Just keep moving because if the answer isn’t in the moment you are in, it will be in the one coming up. Just wait and be patient.

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