February 9, 2017 Thursday

I am a medicine woman. My purpose in live is to make sense of events and interpret the messages from the Universe. There are always messages. Always. The wildlife that crosses your path, your car battery dying, detours on your travel route, car accidents, train delays, catching a cold and oversleeping etc…

In my practice though I also use cards to intuitively interpret messages for myself and others.

This was today’s…

There’s a gift.

Everything looks upside down and dark but within you a gift is growing. Like the sun on the horizon grows. Like a seed in the depths of the dark earth grows.

It is up to you to protect, it nurture it, for one day you will give birth to it.

Cherish the upside down darkness for the gift it is now. Do not wait. Do not worry. It is growing and glowing inside you. You can feel it. You know its true.

Do not let fear take away the gift. Allow the darkness and upsidedownness to persist, you look inside and see the gift waiting for you. The gift that IS you.

As within, so without.

This was a super strong message for me today.

Everything truly has looked upside down as of late. Everything has been TURNED upside down as of late. Its not my perception, it is fact. What is my perception though is whether or not I look at it as a gift or a burden. I have learned from past experiences of trauma that I can let it eat at me like a cancer or I can embrace it like a teacher. So, I am embracing it.

Each and every day embracing the new gifts this turning upside down has brought and waiting for the seeds to take root. In the darkness of the unknown I find peace. Nothing is as I expected it would be. There is a new twist and with each new twist comes a deeper knowing. A deeper understanding. A deeper bond. With myself, with my beloved, with Source. This is too big to not change our lives and so I embrace that knowingness.

And I look a little forward to it.

Let’s face it. Having a predictable future is boring! We tend to stop seeing potential and change and have tunnel vision. We overlook the smallest things that could change our lives in great big ways. Or we just get complacent. Events happen to shake us awake sometimes. So I allow myself to be shaken awake.

So I disallow fear of the unknown, to take away the gift of the unknown. Things will never be the same again, and in the beginning I mourned that. Now, today though, I am beginning to wake up to the wonder that the unknown holds.

Like waiting for a baby to be born, but being satisfied in the experience of being pregnant.

I am the gift. Chris is the gift. Our life together, that is the wrapping paper. And we tear that paper to get to the gift. We shred it. We do not carefully peel off the tape and try to preserve it. We rip it off because wrapping is of no value. We are the value. Who we are and how we face this together…that is the only gift there ever will be.

That we are together having all sorts of amazing experiences even in the most mundane or tragic moments, that is the gift. We are not dependent on things ‘going right’ or ‘going our way’ to have a good life. We have a good life no matter what happens. We remember that we both have a choice in whether something becomes ‘good’ or ‘bad’ in our life.

We know that we have the power to make anything ‘good’.

That is the true gift of life.



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