February 8, 2017 Wednesday

“I feel really good. Today is the first day that my left side feels like it belongs to me, again.”

That’s how the day started.

His words hit me so deep. I so appreciate each time he finds words to describe his experience because I gain greater understanding. I don’t know exactly why these words hit me so deep today. The idea that part of one’s body could feel as if it wasn’t yours is so far outside my standard of reference that it brings a new dimension to my compassion for his journey.

I can’t fathom now he’s been working so successfully!

How do you tile with someone else’s arm? Walk, with someone else’s leg?

What a victory that today he feels a reunion. Like members of his family coming back together after a disagreement.

I wonder then if next month I will look back on today and think “that was the day of our reunion.” If today is also our reunion.

I don’t think I’ll be able to know that today. I think that will have to be a realization that comes slowly bit by bit daily and one day I will realize, “Oh, yes, my beloved feels like he belongs to me again.”


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