January 28,2017 Saturday

It was refreshing to sleep under one roof. Even more so to wake up and find him still whole as him having another stroke during the night, had been my greatest worry.

Today would be the first day of our new normal and we got to choose what that was going to look like.

We started off with some yoga. Every time we mentioned it in the hospital the staff got excited, so we thought that would be the best first step forward. It proved to be a good workout for him first thing in the morning. For breakfast we decided to eat out at our favorite diner for breakfast since we had to run out to get his prescriptions filled anyway.

I sat with him as he showered without incident. He didn’t feel quite steady so I prompted him to sit on the edge of the tub to do the lower half of his body. Other than that though, he really did ok. He said he felt like a seal trying to get his pants on, but he managed. The left side still acted like it belonged to someone else.

We stopped to drop the scripts off at CVS to be filled. Without prescription coverage however, one of the three meds was $124 and the other was $173. That was impossible. No discount program she ran helped at all. We got the other script filled because it was only $7, but passed on the other two.

At the diner is where I really noticed that ‘new normal’ was really different. Anyone who knows Chris, knows his slow is 100 mph. My fast is about 60 mph. So when I got to our table and turned around to find he’d only made half the distance from the door, I felt like a heel. How could I have forgotten that quickly and left him behind?

His pace was slow and deliberate, not his self-assured self at all. In the hospital, that last day he clipped along. I guess I really did kick his butt in yoga this morning. Even the wait staff seemed to notice as I saw them watch him carefully, not sure what to make of him. We didn’t have a familiar waitress so nothing was said, which was sort of a blessing.

While waiting for breakfast I texted a pharmacist friend of mine from college. We went back and forth on what meds he was taking and why. She offered that sometimes you can find things online to get medicine cheaper, but didn’t have a more specific direction to point me.

This man who has never required hospitalization or pharmaceuticals in his life (aside from perhaps antibiotics once), took a gamble on not getting Medicare Part B (or D) and one year later this was our situation.

We went back to CVS to pick up the one med and headed home. He was wiped out and quite frankly so was I. We both napped.

What amazed me most this day was noticing how the dogs were with Chris. Its no secret that dogs know things, but ours are so wiley and excitable that I really was surprised to notice that they didn’t knock into him once. Not even going up or down the stairs. They waited for him to get clear before they made a move. These crazy unbridled beings somehow got the memo that Chris was a little more fragile than he’d been and they dialed it down.

Once he was on the couch though, all bets were off! It was a kissing, cuddling and petting love fest going full blast! It was the first time I really saw THAT smile and heard THAT laugh in over two weeks. Pet therapy, the best medicine.

I was surprised to get a call from the physical therapy facility on a Saturday. They were calling to find out what other insurance we had because Chris was listed as having only Medicare part A which covers hospitalization but not doctor’s visits or outpatient physical therapy. It was a short conversation. No insurance, no outpatient physical therapy. Good thing we were already starting yoga.

Our first night home we’d ordered Chinese. The Chinese Vegetable soup from Wing Lauk’s has medicinal properties, of this I am sure. Whenever we are sick that is our go to comfort soup and getting carry-out from them has become a tradition when we return home from trips. We have been on quite the trip the last week, so we maintained our tradition. We finished off the leftovers tonight; mostly because there was nothing else in our fridge.

Even the thought of having to exert effort to go grocery shopping was too much, but because Chris had not worked in a week there was no paycheck this week either, so shopping wasn’t even an option.

Thankfully Melissa and Cathy promised to come by tomorrow with a load of supplies.

New normal was going to take a lot of adjustment…




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