With so much improvement the doctors were all in agreement that a transfer to the in-patient rehab unit was the best course of action. Chris was not having it. He didn’t see the need for rehab and felt that work was the only rehab he needed.

The Neurologist showed us the MRI results and it was sobering. A large glob in the center of the scan indicated a brainstem stroke. Although the Neurologist said it was small, it looked large to me. And of course, me being me, I immediately researched brainstem strokes.

A stroke occurs when blood supply to the brain is interrupted. The way a stroke affects the brain depends on which part of the brain suffers damage, and to what degree.

Sitting just above the spinal cord, the brain stem controls your breathing, heartbeat, and blood pressure. It also controls your speech, swallowing, hearing, and eye movements.

Impulses sent by other parts of the brain travel through the brain stem on their way to various body parts. We’re dependent on brain stem function for survival. A brain stem stroke threatens vital bodily functions, making it a life-threatening condition.

Our lucky stroke was just confirmed a miracle, in my mind.

It was inconceivable to me how this did not end up worst case scenario. Inconceivable yet believable. I shudder to think how bad this would’ve been without energy healing and other worldly support.

So here we were, day four, and he was being moved to in-patient rehab. Chris was not happy about it. He really saw no purpose in it. He was perfectly fine and wanted to go home and back to work. His Neurologist said that we would let the Rehab doctor make that call. Chris acquiesced.

We waited all day to be transferred and then when we were nothing else happened that day. Chris was extremely upset. He was threatening to leave the unit and take the bus home. I convinced him to stay 24 hours and get some information necessary to get back all his faculties.

Again we told our story to staff after staff. Again we heard, “lucky”.  As each nurse, therapist and doctor came in the assessments proved to Chris that he needed to be there. He couldn’t stand and keep his balance. When holding his arms straight out front, palms up, his left one bounces up and down. When squeezing the doctor’s fingers with each hand he himself felt the loss of strength, especially in his left hand.

He understood why he needed to be there.

That night in bed, I continued the healing visualization for Chris and myself. I fell asleep feeling less secure. Seeing all the things Chris could not do had me panicked. He couldn’t drive, that much was sure. Operating the diamond blade saw, also a no go.

When he doesn’t work we have no money come in. How long he’d be out of work was unknown. It got me rethinking my choice to work from home as a Spiritual Advisor and Intuitive Healer. It also got me thinking it was time to get a normal job.

My whole life changed January 19, 2017 and I had no idea what my new life was going to look like.

Holding back the panic was proving difficult.


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