As day two ended, I laid in bed and surrendered. I had already asked all my healing friends to keep Chris on their lists, but I had not asked my spiritual team for their help. I know this might sound odd to some, but we are never alone in our struggles. We always have our Creator, but we also have a slew of angels, guides, helpers and ancestors to help us if only we ask. 

I hadn’t asked yet.

As I lay there I gave my beloved’s care up to them. I could see them surrounding him in his room. In addition, I visualized him in my healing room with my healing spirits around him. He had three different ‘halo’ type energies around his head, with a bubble of energy encompassing his whole head, then his body in yet another bubble of energy.

In light of keeping my own cup full I also worked on myself. Knowing I have to keep my energy up to give my best to him, I to was surrounded in a healing energy bubble.

This was important leading into day three, Sunday, when I walked into the hospital to find him much improved. His facial droop was all but gone, his slur greatly diminished. A wave of relief washed over me as the ground beneath my feet stopped rumbling for a moment.

I KNOW the energy healing facilitated the improvement.

My own energy shifted permanently in that moment and I every moment I could I was checking in on him in the bubble.

I had taken snatches of time during the past three days reaching out to Earthly family and friends. Periodically they would call me back and though I wasn’t always able to answer the call, seeing their numbers on my screen, or texts, became lifelines. Just the knowledge that someone was thinking of me at that moment gave me strength I didn’t know I needed. It was like someone coming up from behind me, sliding my arm around their neck to give me much needed support across the finish line.

I think each visitor to him affected him in much the same way. All day everyone was focusing on his deficits, when he had visitors he could be the social king he always had been. It gave him a boost.

His sister-friend and her wife came to visit him Sunday. This was the first time I’d seen him lay down his social king persona and be a bit vulnerable with anyone but me. It was good for him.

They surrounded us with love and gave us a great gift. They said that when we got back home they were going to bring us groceries. There would be no arguing it they said, just accept what the Universe brings us, and we accepted gratefully.

I wouldn’t know until that day arrived what a gift it would be. Not only did we not have income, but I was running low on decision-making powers as well as energy. The thought of going to the store and deciding what ingredients I needed, to make what dishes was paralyzing. Because of their thoughtfulness I didn’t have to expend my most valuable resource, my own energy, on something other than Chris and his needs.

NO greater gift.


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